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Frequently Asked Questions

Booth FAQ

What size are the photo strips?


Are the prints unlimited?

Kinda…you can go through the booth as many times as you would like and the printer prints out two strips every time.

When will the attendant arrive?

To keep the cost at the most affordable price the attendant will arrive thirty minutes prior to your start time if you need the attendant to arrive early we offer idle hours or you can book a longer duration.

Are props included or extra?

Props are included but if you would like to bring your own props or have a specific theme and want to add to our props you’re always welcome

Is there a travel or delivery fee?

A travel fee if will be assessed if your location is outside of thirty miles from our office (5777 E Evans Ave #3 Denver, CO 80222).  The travel fee is .50 Cents per mile each way. So if your event is in boulder and your’ are 32 miles from our address, then your travel fee would be $32.00. The travel fee is paid the night of to the attendant and is for their gas, mileage, time, etc.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

No hidden fees other than the travel fee if (applicable )and Gratuity (Not Mandatory, just recommended)

Monogram Image FAQ

(IMPORTANT: Please read thoroughly as most common questions are addressed)

Do I (the customer) have to design the monogram?

No. With additional purchase of monogram, we will design the monogram per your specifications.

What information do I need to provide your monogram designer?

For personal events such as weddings or bat/bar mitzvahs, you'll generally need to provide:

  • Name(s)
  • Date
  • Text color you prefer
  • Text style you prefer (serif font, sans-serif font, fancy/script font, etc)
  • Layout style of text
  • Optional image (see next FAQ item for more info)

For company events such as anniversary parties, a company logo may also be provided to use in the monogram (see below).

Can I use an image in the monogram?

Yes! You can use a logo image, or standard clip art image. Please note that photographs can NOT be used in monograms.

If I provide the image to be used, what file format should it be in?

Clip art images should be in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format. If the image is JPEG format, the background color should be solid white.

Logo images must be provided in either PNG format (with transparent background), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI), or PDF format.

Can I custom design the entire monogram myself (or have someone else design it)?

Sure! If you prefer to design the monogram yourself or have someone else do it (this is common for companies that have in-house creative staff), that is ok! We accept any common file format, but the final image is converted to JPEG.

What size should the monogram be?

A single monogram image size is 572 x 254 (width x height), but the complete monogram image must be 2-up for the equipment, so the total size is 1144 x 254 (with two copies of the monogram image side-by-side).

Can I download a template for the monogram design?

Yes! The monogram template is in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format (we cannot provide template in a different format).
Please click the link below to download the template:

Can you email me the fonts used in the Template file if I don't have them?

Unfortunately we cannot send fonts to customers due digital rights of the font designers. They must be downloaded.

Can the monogram background color be different than white?

No. The background color must be transparent or white. So please make sure that the text color you choose, or the image you provide will be easily visable against a white background.

Can I see some monogram examples and some fonts to get some ideas?

Absolutely! Please see some examples below:


Here is a list of some popular fonts used:


How do I get started?

After you have paid the $50 monogram fee, click the link below for the submission form and provide your monogram details.

Monogram Submission Form

How do I contact the monogram designer?

Please contact the monogram designer by email at Please note that this email should only be used for monogram specific questions only.

For all other questions, please email or call 303-990-8110.


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